What readers are saying

Here is what some readers are saying about BFTF and the author:

“Greg Smith is possibly the second-best writer in his household.” – Lisa from Memphis

“Мы будем давить вам глупые, декадентские американцев. Muhahahahahahahaha!”  – Vlad from Moscow

“We must find man-bear-pig! I’m super serial!” – Al from the Al Cave

“Did I leave the iron on?” – John from Duluth

No government bureaucracy will ever make you chuckle. One more reason why we are better fat than fascist. . .

2 thoughts on “What readers are saying”

  1. Oh my god! I can't believe my brother has a blog! I may finally land the peterson account! "Well Mr Peterson, my brother is Greg Smith" said:

    “When Greg Smith talks……people are mildly interested.” – E. F. Hutton


  2. Ricky Clark said:

    I enjoy reading your blog. You have a way of taking the current political and social dialogue , most of which the taking heads of the main stream media have twisted into an incomprehensible cluster, and distilling it into a concise, easily readable format. Plus it’s witty to boot ! Keep up the good work…..R.B.Clark


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