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Political Strategy and Consulting Services Offered

If advocates of small government lack one thing it is the ability to adequately explain to other constituencies in simple, rational terms why small government would benefit them in the long run. I can help, and my services will pay for themselves by making your advertising more effective and your campaign more attractive to donors.

As a child my father, a small businessman, explained to me some of the intricacies of economics and politics. His outlook survived and helped me connect some of the dots at a young age, and made me ponder more and greater questions.

After a stint in the service I attended college, earning a B.A. with majors in history and political science and was editor and publisher of my college newspaper. After college I spent a year as a reporter at a daily paper and two more as editor of a weekly. After leaving journalism and earning a B.S. in business I had an excellent track record in banking and corporate auditing, but politics and economics are my passion and leaving a nation that is prosperous, safe and just to our son is an imperative.

Today there is pessimism among advocates of small government, perfectly encapsulated by Mitt Romney’s infamous comment that “There are 47% of the people who will vote for the president no matter what. . . I’ll never convince them that they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.”

Regardless of the accuracy of the percentage this was not just laziness, it was poor strategy. Not every person on welfare, unemployment or disability is a militant member of ACORN. Go to the inner city and ask “Is this what you want for your children?” For every person who tells you to go to hell, another will listen to an explanation of how an avalanche of new EPA rules will mean even fewer opportunities for their children, and some of them will vote appropriately. This is called leadership, and it is what wins elections and influences the future.

Go to teachers and ask them if they think the cost of Department of Education bureaucracy would be better spent handed directly to districts to lower class size. Go to union members and ask them if the advantages unions get from big government are worth the long-term debt, lost jobs and economic stagnation. Ask college students if the grants they get over four years are worth fewer job prospects, a lifetime of higher taxes and lower economic growth. Ask supporters of campaign finance reform if, 12 years on, McCain-Feingold has resulted in better candidates or cleaner, more substantive campaigns. In short, open your candidacy up to the entire electorate. A football team doesn’t win with only a good running game.

The cost of streamlining your message to make it more clear and attractive to a wide range of the electorate is small and should be a one-time fee with the potential for very brief ‘tune-ups’ afterward. My specialty is crafting, communicating and defending an effective strategic message while maintaining a respectable, classy and serious image for federal, state and local candidates, elected officials, political action committees, issue-oriented groups and 527s.

Speech and ghost writing, press briefings, press releases and relations, countering and pre-empting opposing campaigns, debate preparation, and white papers are among my specialties. If you want to positively influence the future, please contact me for a free consultation.

Greg Smith


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