By Greg Smith

This is an open letter to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

So Mr. Trudeau, you think it is your place to lecture the United States on how we manage our border, on whom we decide to let into our country? You think that since Canada has socialized medical care it’s okay for you to break your arm patting yourself on the back over your immigration policies because you won’t have to foot the bill? That seems to be a reoccurring trend in your thought process.

Please for once examine how the world works and think before you lecture us.

When there is a military or diplomatic crisis in the world does anyone ponder what Ottawa thinks? When a small nation that actually fears a larger, more powerful neighbor is faced with potential or actual military attack does anyone in the endangered capital yell, “Get me the (Canadian) prime minister on the line!”

When global tensions simmer over does anyone excitedly ask, “Where are the (Canadian) aircraft carriers?” or “When can the (Canadian) bombers get in the air?” No news cast handicaps the situation by discussing what Canadian military assets can be brought to bear.

Doesn’t it dawn on you why the attacks on 9/11 were against the United States and not any other NATO country? Is it so hard for you to realize as the nation ubiquitous in keeping the world safe the U.S. is a target that Canada will never be? Can’t you understand that no Canadians were taken hostage in Iran in 1979 because Canada held no responsibility to see to it oil would continue to flow to power economies and militaries of Korea, Japan, Australia, Western Europe and the U.S., and that this was necessary in the face of Soviet aggression?

Is it so incomprehensible to you why no one in Africa truck bombed the Canadian embassies in Kenya and Tanzania on Aug. 7, 1998? The attacks on that day occurred because it was the United States that protected Saudi Arabia and Kuwait from an Iraqi military attack and tried to feed starving Somalis. We are careful to credit allies for making a contribution, which is generally fine until those allies try to lecture us on how to run our borders.

For better or for worse since 1945 it has fallen on the United States to safeguard allies around the world, Canada included. In 1948 it was American resources that made the Berlin Airlift possible. For the following 41 years it was principally American blood in Korea, Vietnam and elsewhere around the globe on land, at sea and in the air that made the Soviets painfully aware that the West would fight. The people who like to count these as foolish incursions maybe should ponder if the Cold War would have become hot as Hell in Europe if the Soviets ever got a whiff of American reluctance or cowardice.

We sir, as a nation spend a huge percentage of our gross domestic product and offer up our young men and women to protect others. Since World War Two ended our military budget has not dropped below 3.5% of GDP. As a NATO member Canada agreed to spend at least 2.0% of GDP on defense. Yet in 2015 Canada only spent 0.98% of GDP on defense. You had the courage to increase your 2016 military budget upwards — to 0.99% of GDP. Were you planning to buy a tank?

Mr. Trudeau, your thoughts are nothing but self-congratulations of an armchair quarterback who wants to lecture the actual players on what to do. You’re free to pat yourself on the back because you will never have to make a tough decision, especially since you’ve made sure you don’t even have the resources to have to make a tough decision. American leaders, Democrat and Republican, liberal and conservative, have to make tough decisions that have and will continue to put Americans in the cross hairs. The luxury you have of avoiding getting your hands dirty is courtesy of the USA putting itself on the line around the world every single day.

You are like so many smarmy westerners who cling to their liberal beliefs because it will never cost them a thing. You’re as a college kid who lectures everyone about oppression and injustice and sneer at those who actually pay your freight. Until you’re willing to put some skin in the game do me a big favor and keep your opinions on our immigration policies – and probably everything else that pertains to us – to yourself. You haven’t earned the right because you refuse to do what we do to protect this world. It is because of people like us that people like you never have to actually grow up.

Mr. Trudeau, you have finally made me, a long-time internationalist, think it is high time we Americans stop being so damn pushy and start letting the rest of you fend for yourselves. Obviously we aren’t as smart or as good as you, and you know everything, so it will be easy for you. Good luck.

Sincerely Yours,

Gregory Charles Smith,

Bantam, CT, USA.