By Greg Smith

The U.S. cuts funding to other countries if the money might be spent on abortions, and The Netherlands quickly whips out its checkbook and also begins fundraising efforts to cover the difference?

These are the people who by treaty either must be spending at minimum 2% of GDP on defense or be working toward that goal. In 2015 it spent 1.2%. The U.S. spends 3.6% to defend our European “allies”.

This is just an international case of a welfare queen who can find money to fund her own priorities even as she expects others to provide for her basic needs.

It is about time to cut Europe loose. These people are no longer our allies, and we should no longer spend blood and treasure to defend these selfish states. The Trump administration should send a bill to every one of the over 20 NATO members who don’t meet their NATO obligations or begin pulling troops and equipment. They obviously have more money than they let on.

Hope the Dutch saved a few euros for cigarettes and lottery tickets.